Pregnancy and Fertility Myth – Wait For 3 Months To Tell People Just In Case You Have a Miscarriage

Pregnant parents, have you noticed this rule that appears to be out there? ‘Don’t tell anybody until you are at least 3 months pregnant.’ It is as though you might be tempting fate… that you may in some way be upsetting the gods.Excited parents are often met with ‘It’s early yet’ or ‘keep that to yourselves for now’.
It’s like a shadow of fear cast over your new baby, before he or she even gets to make an appearance. For sure, the people who say these things are well-meaning and in some ways it is understandable. Some Reasons for This BehaviorIt’s the way things have been done for a long time and we are creatures of habit.As many pregnancies do come to an end in the first 3 months, others may be afraid for us that the new life we are celebrating might not be here for keeps.They might have experience of miscarriage and want to protect us in some way. Without a doubt, their motivation is born out of love.

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The impact of this Pregnancy MythHowever, the effect is considerable. As a result of this unwritten rule, parents are often deprived of fully enjoying the role of parenting right from the beginning.Due to the ‘secrecy’ around early pregnancy, many parents don’t get the opportunity to grieve the loss of their baby if the pregnancy does come to an end. As they haven’t spoken about the pregnancy, they sometimes feel that they cannot share about the miscarriage.In this situation, parents can be left alone with their sadness and are often deprived of the support that comes from the community in other times of loss.Another effect of this myth is that parents can postpone the joy of really welcoming the baby into the world from the beginning…just in case. They wait to really bond with their new baby when they are more confident that the pregnancy is viable.There is an implication that the parent-child bond is not important to either party until later in development.Harnessing the Law of Attraction
If you are pregnant (or have ever been), know that you have created new life and you are a parent. Parenthood does not start at three months gestation, nor indeed at birth. This precious relationship begins at the moment of conception and before as you prepare for this wonderful new person in your life.

Allow yourself to feel fully the role of being a parent. Celebrate the fact that you ARE a parent now.

If it feels right for you, share your wonderful news. Choose people who can celebrate with you and can join you in your vision of great happiness and joy. Give yourself permission not to tell people who are coming from a place of fear or the ‘I told you so’ brigade. This decision will be a gift to all of you!

Celebrate this new life now. Realise that you have created something truly amazing, a totally unique and precious new person.

Allow yourself to feel the love and joy of this precious experience as you visualise a full-term, safe, gentle birth. Affirm to yourself and your partner that your baby is healthy and happy.

Experience fully the joy of where you are now rather than living in fear. Enjoy the peace of allowing yourself to embrace fully this precious time in your life.

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These practices will not alone help you to experience a healthy pregnancy, they will also fill you with a treasure of priceless memories that will be yours forever regardless of outcome.